About Us

How often have you looked for something on the internet and been unable to find it?!

I’d guess hardly ever, so when I started to search for a fun, cheeky way to decorate my coffees and desserts for my guests at Christmas I couldn’t believe I couldn’t find what I wanted….anywhere!!

My Brother Jamie was my inspiration….he has a wicked sense of humour, plus he makes a fantastic cappuccino! I wanted to see his face light up when I gave him his ‘TWAT’ cappuccino after his Christmas dinner!! I was disappointed I couldn’t do this, but more surprised that nothing was available to buy already on the market!

I started to look into how I could go about creating my own unique way to achieve these fun designs and that’s how It all began. I set myself a challenge and began to research how I could bring my product idea to life and perhaps bringing it to market, whilst being a busy Mum and fulfilling all my family’s needs! I have two beautiful, extremely lively Boys who are my World and all my time is devoted to them. With my youngest just starting school I found I had more time, a bit of space in my mind to fulfil my goal. And in truth I needed the distraction to keep me from the tears of missing my Boys while they go off to school!!

I am delighted and pretty proud to say that 8 months down the line my coffee/cake stencils are real and have come to life! ‘Rude Kitchen’ was born! I love this brand and want it to be known for producing unique, funny, quirky items for fun, that actually work well and are of great quality. Products that can be enjoyed by everyone! There’s always an occasion that needs a Rude Stencil!! A Perfect gift for family, friends and co-workers. Great housewarming gift and Christmas ‘Secret Santa’ pressie!

I must mention how vital all the encouragement, enthusiasm, praise and perhaps some financial help!!…..has been in helping me achieve this so far. My friends and family have been amazing, you can have an idea and make it a reality, it can be done with determination, hard work, drive and support!

I hope you all love my product and find your occasions are just that extra bit more fun because of these novelty stencils!


Jenna x